Saturday, December 15, 2007

the spoils...

of the wee misses 11th birthday cookie decorating party .... the plate the cookies are on? Is a turkey give a small reference for how many cookies we were left with, lol. And cupcakes, too. Snuck in the gingerbread house we decorated on her actual birthday, what a fun project that was. Next year (we are planning ahead!) we will do miniature gingerbread houses that I will assemble in advance and they will all decorate. She is saving all her birthday money for an American Girl doll. Pardon the pics...they are taken with webcam, but it was that or none, so I am going with being able to have pics... if I can figure out how to post them that is.
Started on some wristlets for the girls (bigger) for Christmas, in a chocolate brown and robins egg blue. -whispers- They are crocheted, not knit, because I can crochet WAY faster than I can knit... makes no sense, one hok instead of two needles being faster, but... I guess that is because I have been crocheting since I was 8 or so... and knitting since err.... recently. A year now? And that has been sporadic at best... hmm..... make that two years. Or so.
I bought the fusible interfacing for these. They will become teachers gifts, our driver's gifts, a wonderful lady named 'Ginny's" gift, and various other neighbors etc.
Another storm due in tonight.... ah winters in the northeast... such...bliss. -coughs- Ok... I am trying to like winter this year, or at least, not hate it. I am embracing mittens and hats and hot cocoa and all things cozy.

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