Tuesday, October 28, 2008

From under the overwhelmed...

Now that homeschooling is well underway and with the holidays approaching far quicker than I would like, it seemed a good time to return to blogging. Sometimes you just have to pull away from the wonders that is the online world, and focus on what is around you. And so I did.

Adrianna is quite thoroughly enjoying homeschooling and all the extra Mama time it gives her. Andrew has grown into an amazing young man. He is nearly (okay, maybe he already is) as tall as me. Chrysten has slowly been putting weight on, and has reached a wonderful 105. Do I think the struggles are over? Not by a long shot. But you know? We are making it. And will continue to make it. Even the older kids are doing great. Matt is staying with us for a bit to get his life together. Ryan has gone to Job Corps and likely heading to the Army after. Becca is having a great time with her first semester living on campus. So glad she took the extra step this year, she is absolutely loving it.

With the holidays approaching and money limited it was time to start perusing the net for some homemade gift ideas. I started at some of my favorite 'stomping grounds' such as Sew Mama Sew , Soule Mama, and as is usually the case, one blog leads to another and another and a fine rabbit hole it can be. I found myself at a new to me blog Vanilla Joy just in time for this That happens to include this Zen Mozaic mp3 player in pink. Exactly what Adrianna has asked for as her one store bought gift for Christmas. Fate? -grins- Could be! All fingers crossed, toes too, and there will be one very happy little girl.

Contest aside, this website truly is a treasure trove. Scroll through her anniversary giveaways and find recipes, craft ideas, holiday ideas including games for Halloween, organizational ideas and so much more. Be sure to stop over and bookmark it. I know you will go back again and again.