Friday, December 07, 2007


So, I finally found a pattern or two for the hood/scarf combo... to learn what I want is basically a wide scarf, folded in half... and sewn together for about 10 create the hoot part. So now my favorite yarn will become something warm to wear for winter walks. Yay! Then... I somehow got a very painful papercut on the end of my left thumb. Right where the yarn runs over it. Ouch. No more knitting today.
A bit late for this year (I am NOT a quick knitter...yet) but over on Soule Mama's blog she made a beautiful i-cord garland. I am so doing that for next year. I think this weekends craft project will be cinnamon applesauce ornaments for the tree. It is also time to whip up a batch...big batch... of one of our favorite hot cocoa's.

25.5 ounces nonfat dry milk powder
16 oz jar powdered non-dairy creamer
16 oz container presweetened cocoa powder (we used nestle quick)
13 oz jar instant malted milk powder
1 cup sifted powdered sugar
To use: combine equal parts mix and boiling water (we just use a few heaping spoonfuls per muc, to taste, and add a dash of milk or cream)
Combine all the ingredients in a large bow, . Package in canning jars, bags tucked into mugs, decorative jars, cannisters and what have you to give as gifts. Save some for home, this stuff is wonderful on chilly winter days.

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