Thursday, December 06, 2007

Alas, despite ALL my begging....

Mother Nature has turned a deaf ear and we have...snow. -insert long-drawn, overlay dramatic sigh here- Ok. I'll survive. It's just winter, right? Right.
I live in the northeast, have almost my entire 43 years.... and still not made peace with winter. It's the rest of the seasons that kep me here or I would high tail it for warmer climes. Ok... that and my offspring. They aren't all portable now.
So... I have some lovely yarn, bought from Elan two years ago. A few skeins got seperated from the rest in moving, so it won't be what I had originally planned, and now hope to make it into some kind of... hood like from a cozy cape, with a scarf attached. Now to find a pattern -grins- though I am rather tempted to just start knitting and see what happens. The little Princess and Golden Boy have taken up their needles again as well. I don't force craftiness on the kids, but rather leave the materials around for them, and always drop whatever I am doing if they wish a refresher.
Around here there are no longer any wonderful little cozy yarn or fabric shops outside the mainstream. The closest of the knit heavens is in Saratoga Springs, an hour away, and without a car, that doesn't happen often. But... I have found a pattern online that I have absolutely got to have. Sewing pattern that is... for this. I think I am officially in love with Amy Butler patterns. They may in fact be my new crafting crack.
Of to the counselor in a couple for CiCi. She has her good days and her not so good, Thankfully the bad are far and few between these days. I need to begin work on a 504 for a child with an eating disorder. Will google that a bit later. I know this blog is fairly unread right now, but... if anyone out there has thoughts on this, I would love to hear them.
Til later.

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