Wednesday, December 19, 2007


The wee miss has developed laryngitis, and per doctors orders, her Christmas holidays have begun early. Poor girl. Somehow, in her snowflake cutting euphoria, I don't think she minds. She has taken to adorning each flake with a single sequin in the center... very cute. I am thinking of helping her create a crafting blog of her own... she is crafty beyond belief for her 11 tender years. She knits! Not a lot...but she does... and she crafts with paper, and anything else she can get her hands on. Perhaps tomorrow morning we will start that. OK...after many tries at striking out that line..and ending up with everything after it struck out... no matter how many times I deleted the html from the end of the kept showing up so.. my baby girl and i got her blog framework up, her first post will be written tomorrow, most likely during a paper snowflake break. Here it is. She has been decorating gingerbread houses ala
Jenny Harris ... so much fun. Okay... so I have been playing too -grins-
Dishcloths are beginning to make a small pile... Mum's request.... some bags from this tutorial are cut and ready to sew.... cloth napkins and placemats are next... not sure the wristlets are going to make it by Christmas... I finally figured out one spot I was making a mistake in.. to being bogged down with meds and not fathoming the next step well.
Some small wee felt dolls are progressing in their assembly as well. A set for the we miss... a set for an friends daughter... to be epiphany gifts... and then a third set fo an online friend whose daughter is having surgery in Feb and will be bedridden for 10 days... I am thinking to make some wee felt furniture for them too... or maybe a tiny fabric house... something she can play with in bed and not hurt herself on should she fall asleep with it all.
I will try to update this tomorrow with some pictures.. it is quite dark and not condusive to picture taking tonight at all.

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