Sunday, February 24, 2008

Is spring ever coming?

Today dawned with an absolute breathtaking blue sky filled with sunshine, so I'm thinking spring IS going to happen. Someday.
So, I had gone out and gotten a domain and was trying to get wordpress set up. I have a vision of the way I want my blog to look. I went around to some of my favorite blogs, to see what themes they used, how they were set up, etc. And discovered one glaring fact. One simple thing that could have saved me a LOT of frustration I think. They all use typepad. Every single one of them. So, I am on a trial period for typepad, and if I can get that sorted out, that will be the new home.
We have an appointment on Tuesday, the Miss A and myself, to see a new endocrinologist, and hopefully get her back on an insulin pump. She has her eye on this lil number

Saturday, February 16, 2008

5 years.

That is how long i have been separated. Only.. last week I became, truly..a single parent. Andrew and Adrianna's father... doesn't want them even calling him anymore. In fact... he called the police , him and his girl friend, because Adrianna called the house to talk to him. Adrianna is 11... and just wanted to talk to her Daddy. Bastard. What kind of person calls the police on his 11 year old little girl? They are better off for it, its something I wish he had done years before. I wish even more so...t hat he would have been the father they deserve. But at least now there will be no more broken promises. No more waiting for a father who has 'better things to do' than keep his promises to his children. I have begun to actively look for good male role models for Andrew. He really needs them. His big brothers are going to have to make more of an effort, for sure... but... there are also some men in the community that canbe examples of what a man should be.
It's... odd thinking of it. I have made many sacrifices over the last 5 years... so my children would have their father in their life, almost daily. Despite our problems. Ok...not problems. Despite the reason I left. And he so easily... walks away.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Talk about a 'duh!' moment... day...week..... start off the new year... well, mid December I think, I decided to rethink a few things, baggage I didn't want to carry in to 2008, did some house cleaning, of many varieties, few of which had to do with my actual domicile. Part of that was a new email account. An email account I also used to link to some other new things I was starting. An email account which included the.. login and password information for several of these 'new' things.
Then... I got a new computer... my old one was so close to death with the things I use it for. A 6 year old eMachine. not even a top of the line eMachine back then... but a cheapest i could find variety. One I happily cleaned off and gave to the kids... one that had ALL my password, login and acct stuff...saved. Yeah.. I didn't WRITE this new information on real paper. And.... part of the newness was not using any of the names for these things I have in the past. So yeah. I.... can't remember it. I have tried.... in vain.
Hey 2008.... you are so squeeky clean and filled with glorious possibilities. Can we forget this one... silly little... lapse in intelligence, and pretend it never happened?

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

-clears throat- Mememememememmeeeeeeeeeeeee

Blame it on Melly she tagged me. Seven things about me.

1. I was an only child until I was 18, when I kinda got a step brother. It became official another ten years later. I left him on a garage roof once, and had him convinced he imagined it. Two Christmas's ago, my Mom spilled the beans. Thanks Mom. BTW, I kinda like him now.

2. This 'only' child ended up with 6 kids of her own. I think I'd have had a dozen if I had been in a more stable relationship. I not only love my kids, but I like them too. (3 of each, boys 23, 20 and 12, girls 18, 16 and 11) Being a single mom today sure makes me relate better to my own mother, who raised me alone back in a day it wasn't so common.

3. One of my goals this year is reading a little Shakespeare each day. I am reading A Midsummer Nights Dream right now, Macbeth waits on my nightstand. After Shakespeare I will start on other classics.

4. I create and sell virtual products, in a virtual world, for real cash. It's crazy. Old World flavoured furniture, by the way. Not a lot of cash, yet, but.. cash is cash.

5. When I was little I went to catechism with my neighbor friends. When it would have been time to follow through to First Communion, my Mom didn't allow it. All my life, when I wasn't busy being angry with God... I have been drawn to it. I have been Baptist, Methodist, Pentecostal, dipped my toes in being Pagan... this year... I will find my way to where I started, where I have been drawn to, and will begin the process to convert to Catholicism.

6. I love to read...anything. Magazines, books, blogs. I always have a couple books going and don't go anywhere without some kind of reading material. My favorite part of a new the research for it, far more than actually 'doing' it.

7. I have lived in the Northeast almost my entire life, and I hate snowy winters. I try, really, to see the beauty in them... I'm not a skier, snowmobiler or anyone else that glories in what snow brings. I suffer from SAD .... but spring, summer and fall keep me here. They are glorious.

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