Friday, May 30, 2008

Two weeks from today.....

I will be getting off the train in Rensellaer for the regional romance writers conference, and boy am I excited! To think I will be in the very same space as Sherrilyn Kenyon is awe inspiring. Add in the chance to meet one of my very closest friends in the world and it is sure to be an amazing weekend.

So, why do I, a single Mom, the product of not one, but two failed marriages, love the romance genre so much? The answer is quite simple. I want my Happily Ever After, dangit! And I get it, with every single book, no matter the obstacles, in the end, it ALWAYS works out. What could be better than that?

I am painting my own rose coloured future, one word at a time.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Hospitals are no fun....

Friday saw my daughter Chryssie admitted, she had caught some kind of stomach bug on top of a UTI... with the bulemia her resources are always on the low side, so... this landed her in the ER, then an admittance until Sunday.... we gt home at 1 in the afternoon yesterday, and less than 12 hours alter, my youngest, Adrianna, catches the tummy bug. Hopefully we can avoid another hospital stay.
Sadly this meant no Memorial Day parade for us. Pictures soon!

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Still breathing...

There are times I feel utterly incapable of writing, because it seems the day-to-day of our lives can be pretty monotonous. I know this isn't truly the case, but... it sure was feeling it at the end of winter/early spring.
Miss Adrianna is indeed pumping insulin once again, with her pink pump of choice. We spent a good deal of time between her pediatrician, endocrinologist and the diabetes center at the hospital, coordinating it all. Thankfully, they are a fantastic group of people and it went smoothly. Okay, perhaps a few minor bumps along the way, though nothing that couldn't be sorted out quickly. The Animas pump rep in our area came to the house for the official pump start and everything has been going amazingly well since. I cannot believe how advanced insulin pumps are... just the improvements over the last few years are pretty incredible.
I am going away next month for the first time in several years... okay.. 'away' is for 2 nights..and only about an hour or so from my is to go to THIS so I am terribly excited and counting down the days. I will be meeting up with a very close friend from PA. So not only am I going to this amazing conference, I will also be meeting her in person for the first time. I know I will want to slow the clock down to a snails pace, and yet the time will likely sail by.