Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Time flies ...

It's taking a bit to get back in the habit of blogging. I know soon enough it will be old hat again, in the meantime two weeks pass between posts, lol.
I found a wonderful new blog, which has all but saved Christmas gift giving for me this year. Sew, Mama, Sew! She has a ton of wonderful projects there, and this month is posting a gift a day! My stash will be put to good use making placemats, purses, tote bags and all manner of other wonderful ideas, complete with instructions.
While going through my fabric I found a bag filled with partially made Christmas ornaments. What a relief to know a bit of stuffing and whipstitching and we will have a tree's worth of ornaments.
The weather is taking on the feel of early winter, fall was short but beautiful, the tree's are nearly bare here but for a few hangers on.
Sunday we will be having our Thanksgiving meal. With half the kids grown and on their own, significant others and extended family in their lives I decided not to vie for time on Thanksgiving itself and have the whole family here on Sunday instead. If this works we will most likely stick to this in the future. The kids will all be here, with boyfriends or girlfriends in tow, my parents, a few friends and perhaps my ex. It's his family too after all. Trying to figure seating out and table space. The new house is much smaller than the last. I found some fall fabric in the hope chest and will make a table runner for the main table. Along with the fabric pumpkin a friend who still means the world to me made, even though our paths seem to have gone in very different directions.
This time of year makes me appreciate the people in my life all the more. And miss those who aren't in it as they once were. I especially miss being a 'couple' with the holidays coming. I often wonder if the rest of my life will be spent this way. I like to think that somewhere out there is the perfect relationship for me. Somewhere. -smiles-