Tuesday, February 12, 2008

-clears throat- Mememememememmeeeeeeeeeeeee

Blame it on Melly she tagged me. Seven things about me.

1. I was an only child until I was 18, when I kinda got a step brother. It became official another ten years later. I left him on a garage roof once, and had him convinced he imagined it. Two Christmas's ago, my Mom spilled the beans. Thanks Mom. BTW, I kinda like him now.

2. This 'only' child ended up with 6 kids of her own. I think I'd have had a dozen if I had been in a more stable relationship. I not only love my kids, but I like them too. (3 of each, boys 23, 20 and 12, girls 18, 16 and 11) Being a single mom today sure makes me relate better to my own mother, who raised me alone back in a day it wasn't so common.

3. One of my goals this year is reading a little Shakespeare each day. I am reading A Midsummer Nights Dream right now, Macbeth waits on my nightstand. After Shakespeare I will start on other classics.

4. I create and sell virtual products, in a virtual world, for real cash. It's crazy. Old World flavoured furniture, by the way. Not a lot of cash, yet, but.. cash is cash.

5. When I was little I went to catechism with my neighbor friends. When it would have been time to follow through to First Communion, my Mom didn't allow it. All my life, when I wasn't busy being angry with God... I have been drawn to it. I have been Baptist, Methodist, Pentecostal, dipped my toes in being Pagan... this year... I will find my way to where I started, where I have been drawn to, and will begin the process to convert to Catholicism.

6. I love to read...anything. Magazines, books, blogs. I always have a couple books going and don't go anywhere without some kind of reading material. My favorite part of a new interest...is the research for it, far more than actually 'doing' it.

7. I have lived in the Northeast almost my entire life, and I hate snowy winters. I try, really, to see the beauty in them... I'm not a skier, snowmobiler or anyone else that glories in what snow brings. I suffer from SAD .... but spring, summer and fall keep me here. They are glorious.

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lily said...

its so cool to "know" those things, well, most of those things about you and still see it in print. it's neater yet to know how and why a lot of them tie in together. muahahahaha. love you!