Friday, February 15, 2008

Talk about a 'duh!' moment... day...week..... start off the new year... well, mid December I think, I decided to rethink a few things, baggage I didn't want to carry in to 2008, did some house cleaning, of many varieties, few of which had to do with my actual domicile. Part of that was a new email account. An email account I also used to link to some other new things I was starting. An email account which included the.. login and password information for several of these 'new' things.
Then... I got a new computer... my old one was so close to death with the things I use it for. A 6 year old eMachine. not even a top of the line eMachine back then... but a cheapest i could find variety. One I happily cleaned off and gave to the kids... one that had ALL my password, login and acct stuff...saved. Yeah.. I didn't WRITE this new information on real paper. And.... part of the newness was not using any of the names for these things I have in the past. So yeah. I.... can't remember it. I have tried.... in vain.
Hey 2008.... you are so squeeky clean and filled with glorious possibilities. Can we forget this one... silly little... lapse in intelligence, and pretend it never happened?

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Snafu said...

Hi, C.W.!!!

I'm Snafu, the guitarist and general techno-geek troubleshooter for the podcast. Sorry, but as a rank amateur nerd, I have no great advice for forgotten passwords!

Just read your post on 2edge, and I am so thrilled for you!! What an exciting journey!

Love the blog. Very cleverly and engagingly written!

Keep up the good work, and keep the faith, Sis!