Sunday, February 24, 2008

Is spring ever coming?

Today dawned with an absolute breathtaking blue sky filled with sunshine, so I'm thinking spring IS going to happen. Someday.
So, I had gone out and gotten a domain and was trying to get wordpress set up. I have a vision of the way I want my blog to look. I went around to some of my favorite blogs, to see what themes they used, how they were set up, etc. And discovered one glaring fact. One simple thing that could have saved me a LOT of frustration I think. They all use typepad. Every single one of them. So, I am on a trial period for typepad, and if I can get that sorted out, that will be the new home.
We have an appointment on Tuesday, the Miss A and myself, to see a new endocrinologist, and hopefully get her back on an insulin pump. She has her eye on this lil number


melly~ said...

I wish there were some sort of size comparison - I'm betting this pump is teeny compared to the one I saw years ago. hope all goes well and little girl sports her new pump soon!

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