Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Cabin Fever

I really, truly, entered this winter season with better intentions than my former I-hate-winter-from-the-last-fall-leaf-to-drop-self . I tried. I really did. It lasted all the way until.. last week. Now cabin fever has set in full forced.
I am awaiting spring. Lilacs. Green leaves. Fresh mowed grass. Rainy days.
So yes, I am a bit quiet.
We are also dealing with Adri's blood sugars being completely out of whack. Her ketones have been climbing bit by bit since Thursday last week. Agressive insulin and water not helping. I have opened all fresh bottles of insulin, changed to different test strips, re-calibrated her meter. All to no avail. Dr's tomorrow. I am beginning to think, we are in the beginnings of the wonderful hormone cycles of adolescence. Dear God. I am SO not ready for that with her.

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