Friday, January 18, 2008

We have been bitten

By the flu..and the bento bug -grins- Tonight Miss Adri and I scored her first bento box, which should be winging it's way from Japan soon! I detest the school lunches, not the best for her blood sugar, and taking lunch can get so..boring. We have been doing a bit of bento box drooling.. and tonight, finally found a good assortment of goodies.... and here is what she is getting. Along with two egg molds... can't wait to play with those. You put a still hot, peeled hard boiled eg in..close it up, chill it and voila! shaped hard boiled eggs. We are getting a bear and a bunny. Fun stuff, I tell ya! Miss Bunny... Thumper's girl! Is this cute or what? I also scored three Burda magazines, and one Ottobre. The mail will be fun for the next week or so with all these goodies on their way. The I will be digging in to my fabric stash and playing.
As for the flu... hopefully it is on it's way out of our house. Knocked me in bed for 5 days... with rare blocks of time upright. Chryssie is finally starting to feel better too. Adri... is getting it I think. Her and Chryssie both had the flu shot... sucks they didn't escape this round.
Should be back up and happily blogging soon.
I have added quite a few "must reads" to my blog list. Check some of them out when you get a chance, some wonderful finds out in blogland.

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Amber said...

Hi--Just found your blog from your comment on mine... Happy to see another mom bitten by the Bento Bug. It's a great one to be bitten by!

I hope you all get well soon. We've avoided major illnesses so far this year... knock on wood!!