Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year!

Somehow I managed to get gifts finished... I still have a button to put on the bag I made my daughter Becca. She absolutely loved it and I got several requests from those who wanted bags of their own. It was SO (sew?) easy to put together, I will definitely be doing more of them, including some for myself. This is a wonderfully easy pattern that will be great to adapt in any number of ways. If you have never made a bag before, this is the PERFECT place to start.
Pictures... I had planned to take pictures of the small dolls, bags and other projects before they went out the door, that never happened. I promise to get better about picture taking this year.
Today we will take down the Christmas tree.It is the very first year since 1993, that the tree stayed up past Christmas day. Life is so very good right now. Despite the mountains of difficulties we face still, me and the kids are happy.
I have "big plans" for 2008. ;)
This..is my very favorite gift this year... it is a picture of my Great Grandmother... G.G. to all of 'us kids' She was my favorite person as a child and I spent many vacations visiting her in Portland Maine. It now sits beside one of her antique paperweights I have... on top of her old writing desk my Mother gave me this summer.

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