Tuesday, June 10, 2008

I'm melting....

Man has it been hot here. Last Saturday was the town Bike Rodeo so me and the kids walked over. It was the first day of our current 'heat wave' but the kids had a lot of fun. There were games, a cookout and a 10 bike giveaway. I was really hoping Andrew or Adrianna would win a bike, but it wasn't to be. They had a lot of fun though, and if I can figure out how, I will post pictures.
Bike Rodeo
Adrianna with the 'Alternate' Dairy Princess
Bike Rodeo
Andrew getting his face painted, he kept letting other kids go until this girl was done so he could have her do his face -grins-
Bike Rodeo
Adrianna getting her face painted, a butterfly.
I have been getting ready for the CR-RWA Conference
so very excited it is in just a couple days now! I think the first chapter is nearly ready, with a bit of editing. I am meeting up with my writing partner, so I am doubly excited!

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