Sunday, October 14, 2007

Randomness.... also known as 'No Inspiration for catchy post title'

Hmmm guess I am not ready to be posting my heart here just yet. -wry smile- I had something posted and ended up backspacing it. I am missing a friend dearly and thought to share, but I can't. It doesn't make sense to someone outside of this. And my friend already knows my heart, so. That is that. There is also an unhealthy relationship that has been painfully slowly ending since March and is in the final stages of fizzling out I think. Not easy.

I discovered two days ago, after emptying storage from our last move, that I have for the third time in my adult life, lost all our Christmas decorations. Things the littlest kids made. Things from a very special online Christmas ornament exchange... that can never ever be replaced. And with money as tight -laughs at the understatement- it will be interesting to decorate a tree at all this year. So, time to get creative. Time to make use of the hope chest full of fabric. I am SO glad this was discovered now, and not when we were ready to decorate for the holiday. I am going to scour the net for some pretty ideas that the kids can help me make. Turn this into a positive. This recent move was a fresh start for me and the three youngest. This will be our fresh start tree too. I think we will bake cookies one day soon, make some hot cocoa and sit down and plan a theme of sorts, and colors maybe? and every week make -something- for the tree or house. Did find a nice surprise though... the materials and some finished dolls from this book...thinking some in natural colors (hmm... natural quilt batting instead of cream coloured felt maybe) would be pretty angels..or pale blues and greens for ice princesses to adorn our tree.

CiCi still struggles with her bulemia. She is maintaining medically, which right now is all we can ask for. It breaks my heart watching her struggle with this. She doesn't want to get better. =( She does however, finally have a counselor she will talk to.

TheGoldenBoy is getting so big! Hard to believe he will be in Jr High next year. Where has the time flown. (said as her 23yo takes up residence in her basement) He is nearly as tall as me now. And still so passionate emotionally. I am glad his older brothers are around a bit more now, being a positive example in his life. His dad sucks..and a guy needs a guy around. He is surrounded by us girls.

ThePrincess is doing wonderful. Diabetes is getting under control again and she is putting on weight and growing. -grins- She is destined to be something artistic in life. That girls imagination has not slowed even one small bit.

Speaking of Artistic MissB is an art major this year. Wow on that. I am so damned proud of her for following her dreams.

RP has just given up being on his own to move in with his dad.. for the chance to go to college as well. Big step. Im very proud of him for realizing small sacrifice for something so life changing. Perhaps his and MissB's lives will affect TheWizard's life as well. I want so much more for him than he sems to have the energy to pursue on his own right now. Being in the marines changed him. And not all for the good. Makes a mom wonder what he saw.

I am rather at a loss for how to form my thoughts today. They are a bit scattered. CiCi is cooking up a nice dinner tonight of chicken tenderloins, rice and veggies. She so loves to cook. Funny... since the move, we fight over cooking dinner. Some nights is a race to see who gets there first. Occasionally we even share the kitchen space ;)

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