Friday, October 26, 2007

Autumn rolls on

A few days back the neighbors had a pumpkin carving party for all the neighborhood kids, some wonderful masterpieces were made with the help of some very brave adults. Pictures coming soon on this, I hope. =P

My sister in law has recently been diagnosed with thyroid cancer. Scary stuff, Thankfully this is a very treatable cancer. She will have her thyroid removed and then a dose of radioactive iodine? then a large change in diet and drugs.

CiCi is doing better, she was hospitalized briefly after a stomach virus. Her bulemia has her always on the edge of being low on potassium. Vomiting pushed her over the edge. She went downhill so fast that I was calling the ambulance just hours after she started vomiting. We were there just over 24 hours. IV's for fluids and 4 bags of potassium were all that was needed. All. Funny how I am thankful for that. I am hoping the hospital stay was the medical equivalent of scared straight. She is making great effort to eat small amounts and keep it down.

The weather turns cool and I am thinking of the holidays ahead. In a new place. Looking forward to some new memories being made. I am tired tonight, and still not quite up to speed on 'blogging ' again. Give it time and 'you' will be swamped in posts.

May your days be full of sweet memories.

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