Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Humpday and hoops...

Woke up at 5.... I am loving the quiet in the early morning hours when I can go through the blogs I read and see what sales have been made in SL while I was sleeping. I am still small enough to smile over each sale... whether it be a tiny vase or a copy of the Pirate's Nest Castle. Odd to think a year ago..I was going to bed in the morning... and while I refuse to admit I am any sort of 'morning person' -shudders- I am regularly up early... even on the weekends...when sleeping 'in' might be the glorious hour of 7 or 8.
So today marks one less hoop to jump through. It's so good to be on this end of the ordeal..instead of facing it like a mountain in front of us. Our family has made many changes since the beginning of the year. What was once a challenge to look at as positive when it was a struggle to single-handedly now comfortable habit for all of us. Clear as mud, eh? I'm really not wanting to relive it all by spelling it out here... so if you are not already in the loop... you shall have to live with your assumptions, wonderings and guesses. -grins- BUT. Life is good. Very good indeed.
Had a fantastic talk with my oldest daughter.. my first child to go to college. An Art major. I am so damned proud of her and excited for her at this amazing opportunity she has. Listening to her voice as she talks of her classes, friends, schedule that is packed... she is happy. It's in her voice. And it makes me smile.
Oh yes..I have 6 children. They are all usually up to something but don't expect something about each of them in every post, lol. That would be a daunting undertaking.
After the kids are in school this afternoon I think I will celebrate both this last hoop and Autumn... and meditate over peeling apples. An apple crisp is definitely in order... and we have all the ingredients right here. Richard took the youngest two...the "A's" apple picking last weekend, so there is a half bushel of crisp apples... picked after the first frost. Perfect.
Im hoping later to figure out how to set up a blogroll... to list my very varied interests through the blogs I read and sites I love. But for now... the house grows busy and there are short folk who need me, so I'm over and out.
Ta Ra

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