Saturday, December 27, 2008

After the holiday rush....

The calm. Ah blessed relaxation. No gifts needing to be finished, no long list of things to bake. Instead, new jammies to curl up in, new cookbooks to peruse, new scents to slather on ones body. Bliss.

I didn't manage to take any pictures on Christmas Eve, when all the family gathered here. Instead, I simply soaked up the happiness that is all of us together. I love how my family is growing as my kids get older. Becca's SO is family as surely as my own kids. He fits in so perfectly, friends with my older boys, a wonderful mentor and role model to my younger son, polite, funny, treats Becca beautifully. Lots of laughing, visiting, talking, eating ... and playing of Rockband 2.

Yesterday half of us went on a shopping spree to spend gift cards...I was surprised the stores were not as crazy as I expected. Happily so. I bought a PUR water filter, part of my oath to stop drinking soda. I figure that alone and I will lose 10 pounds and cut my caffeine headaches out. Our water is so disgusting. Several times a year we wind up with a boil water ordinance... the rest of the time it tastes like swamp water. I was amazed at how wonderful the water tasted with the filter. We opted for the stage 3 version, given that whole swamp water taste and all. Brilliant. I actually drank 3 glasses of water last night.

A few pictures of holiday baking ...

the nameless cookies... that aren't cookies at all... but ritz crackers sandwiched with pb and dipped in chocolate.

Split seconds... we make ours with raspberry and apricot preserves... family favorite


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